The Invisible Man (1933) KILL COUNT 

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16. okt. 2020

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Pred 9 dnevi
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Scorpionstrike7 Pred dnevom
@Wayne The Unknown Oh yeah, I remember that.
Wayne The Unknown
Wayne The Unknown Pred dnevom
I'm starting to see where that one batman the animated series episode got inspiration from. Where the ex criminal where's an invisible suit and starts to go crazy
Fnaf man Fan
Fnaf man Fan Pred dnevom
Jack griffin will remember that 🤣🤣🤣
Neon Chainsaw
Neon Chainsaw Pred dnevom
It's good to know that we're not the only ones making videos about ancient films like The Invisible Man in 2020!
Scorpionstrike7 Pred dnevom
6:41 He actually said Robbing, Wrecking, and Killing
Herbie Markham
Herbie Markham Pred 22 minutami
Next video movie franchise 1997 titanic tell me how many million people died in Titanic ship sunk
Ethan’s Movie corner
Ethan’s Movie corner Pred 33 minutami
Dead meat do these films Dracula The wolf man The mummy The blob And slither
MJHalloran Pred 2 urami
How, in a video about the Invisible Man, do you have a Drake Maverick joke, a Shane O' Mac joke, but not one single damn John Cena joke? How does that happen?
He said Unlimited Power, right when I watched a meme of Palpatine screaming "UNLIMITED POWER!!"
Shadow King367
Shadow King367 Pred 5 urami
Bruh Do The Whole Damn Franchise Please🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Yankee Countess
Yankee Countess Pred 5 urami
Love that you're doing some of the classic horror films! Please do more
invisible man
invisible man Pred 6 urami
much more of a kill count the focused on comedy
that guy
that guy Pred 6 urami
After 87 years
Son Truong
Son Truong Pred 10 urami
First thing I wondered was how the heck someone can show blood in a PG movie!
Deathboy17 Pred 11 urami
Based off the first scene, I already know I've read a passage form this story.
Art Deco city Architecture
6:30, ought to wonder if Joker was based on this manical voice
Mr. Green
Mr. Green Pred 12 urami
14:19 Looks funny to see a pair of pants chasing a woman.
Bearman22 Pred 12 urami
You should do the movie devil, with the people in the elevator!! It’s a really intense movie with decent kills!
Nosidda 2010
Nosidda 2010 Pred 13 urami
So old
run fat boi run go get that burger
the baby got yeeted
Freida Slaves
Freida Slaves Pred 13 urami
did he just call dramatic look golfer a chipmunk
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Did you just call a gopher a golfer?
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson Pred 14 urami
James, ironically enough, that was the last movie I saw in the theatre as well. Covid man... it's done a number on our entertainment traditions.
Adam Dao
Adam Dao Pred 15 urami
I have to live with the fact that for the scenes when griffin is completely invisible, he’s also completely nude
Samuel Grisham
Samuel Grisham Pred 15 urami
He_OneShot Pred 16 urami
I love the old black and white horror movies they’re really good
Benjamin Kanoza
Benjamin Kanoza Pred 16 urami
TCM has some great "older" films. if anyone is interested. From my age of 31, the films on Turner Classic Movies, are some of the BEST! Great story, good characters, and actors. It's just a shame these types of movies aren't looked at more.
The smol furret :3
The smol furret :3 Pred 18 urami
Dude the movie is pg
Lucid Shotsss
Lucid Shotsss Pred 19 urami
Calebboomtmb Gaming & morw
I love this movieeee
Cattoymaker1 Pred 19 urami
I have a youtube channle and I am looking for a editting sofware
Cj H
Cj H Pred 19 urami
I went half way threw the video and I still saw no kills Lol was this even a horror movie??
Christian Tovar
Christian Tovar Pred 20 urami
Did I Forget Did He Drink A Potion Of Invisibility In Minecraft?
Matthew Ahedo
Matthew Ahedo Pred 21 uro
can we all agree to call pre corona the before times?
Logan5056 Pred 21 uro
funny fun my fun yummy. Funny ukmmfungh bunny funny funny guy nnynjnbdjnfy nanny
Theo Cruse
Theo Cruse Pred 22 urami
Is this a pg horror
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 19 urami
SchenecLifeWitAB Pred 23 urami
please do Hide and Seek
thespidgetfinner Pred 23 urami
It would have been funny if the thumbnail was just a black screen or something.
Pj the Dj
Pj the Dj Pred 23 urami
Love the telltale walking dead reference🤣
HagrosProductions Pred 23 urami
18:25 It's insane how an effect that was way ahead of it's time in 1933 can be done by literally anybody in 2020
Wayne The Unknown
Wayne The Unknown Pred 23 urami
I'm starting to see where that one batman the animated series episode got inspiration from. Where the ex criminal where's an invisible suit and starts to go crazy
RoseMonkey Pred dnevom
i thought he already covered this, or was that not a kill count?
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 19 urami
It was a podcast.
VINTAGE TECH Pred dnevom
This is my favorite 30s movie
Davide Giachino
Davide Giachino Pred dnevom
You should do a kill count for Profondo rosso (Deep Red) please
Art Mienz
Art Mienz Pred dnevom
Mark Hamill used Claude Rains from this movie as one of his inspirations for his Joker voice in the Batman: The Animated Series. This is one of my favorite movies and characters, The Invisible Man kicks ass.
Makafushigi Pred dnevom
Ah, what’s all this then?
Kobes Balls
Kobes Balls Pred dnevom
He low key looks like young rick astly
LeagueOfFox Pred dnevom
My favorite invisible man sort of movie was Hollow Man
Mathew Dewsbury
Mathew Dewsbury Pred dnevom
14:18 'Here we go gathering nuts in May! Nuts In May! Nuts in May! Here we go gathering nuts in May! On a cold and frosty morning! WHOOPS!!' XD
Sirfitz Gaming
Sirfitz Gaming Pred dnevom
Yeah you should do hollow man
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred dnevom
Fun fact- Mark Hamill based his Joker laugh on the Invisible Man's.
Nagato _
Nagato _ Pred dnevom
This movie is 100% classic
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred dnevom
I’m happy to see this Channel because I toke a break from SLtv and I’m happy to hear this intro
Hitler Screaming
Hitler Screaming Pred dnevom
there were actually 34665 deaths in this movie, because 8 people die a second, plus 105 which puts the kill count to a stunning 34665 people.
Alastor The radio demon
What do evil people think: I WILL RULE THE WORLD What do Invisible man think: UnLiMited PoWer
Odeo Pred dnevom
I'd steal a fuck ton of money honestly
eschewary Pred dnevom
How big was the model car at 16:49?
Shewes Pred dnevom
I’d like to imagine that the brothers from the new movie descended from this guy
rainbowpito Pred dnevom
Jama Mason
Jama Mason Pred dnevom
Inbox: *Dead Meat uploaded: The Invisible Man (1933) KILL COUNT* Me: *Oh coo- Wait?* *Sees what time it was actually posted* *October 16, 2020* *Very strange...*
I GoLD GinGY090 I
I GoLD GinGY090 I Pred dnevom
@Jama Mason this is obviously pre recorded
Jama Mason
Jama Mason Pred dnevom
@I GoLD GinGY090 I I know, I meant the date James posted the video
I GoLD GinGY090 I
I GoLD GinGY090 I Pred dnevom
The movie was released 1933
Mecha Team Leader
Mecha Team Leader Pred dnevom
Do a Star Wars kill count
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 16 urami
@Mecha Team Leader This is a Horror channel.
Mecha Team Leader
Mecha Team Leader Pred 19 urami
@Shifty Bench Podcasts why is that
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts Pred 19 urami
Never going to happen.
Tommy 5
Tommy 5 Pred dnevom
Holy shit 1933 bro you PARENTS were even alive haha
Jake Callum
Jake Callum Pred dnevom
What are the top 5 highest kill counts?
Some random guy
Some random guy Pred 22 urami
1) Final Destination: 292 Kills 2) Brightburn: 274 Kills 3) Carrie (2002): 234 Kills 4) Rec 3: 161 Kills 5) The First Purge: 133 Kills 6) Purge: Election Year: 116 Kills 6) Zombieland: 116 Kills 7) Invisible Man: 105 Kills
Fabio Vanilla
Fabio Vanilla Pred dnevom
I just did an outside novel report on the book version of The Invisible Man and I feel like this is the universe's way of rewarding me for putting up with it.
Ty Turner
Ty Turner Pred dnevom
Worst part is that the number should be higher due to all the actors passing away because this was 87 years ago
The DBZ Collector
The DBZ Collector Pred dnevom
i like how the train bounces
The DBZ Collector
The DBZ Collector Pred dnevom
the pic of the actor looks like Conan O'Brien
Tanner Holmes
Tanner Holmes Pred dnevom
Hollow Man, anyone?
Jasii Cofield
Jasii Cofield Pred dnevom
I’m happy to see this Channel because I toke a break from SLtv and I’m happy to hear this intro
ProCrit1c Pred dnevom
This was extremely entertaining lol I’m going to have to watch this one. Idk why but mad scientist characters in horror movies always endear themselves to me lol
Adam Dolbeck
Adam Dolbeck Pred dnevom
@4:10 really love the over the top scream.
Nightmare Pred dnevom
I think it’s safe to say that this version of the Invisible Man is one of the biggest trolls in horror
virogenic 05
virogenic 05 Pred dnevom
Remember every actor here is dead
virogenic 05
virogenic 05 Pred dnevom
@PAC-MAN thanks I'm stupid
PAC-MAN Pred dnevom
Mark Sydenstricker
Mark Sydenstricker Pred dnevom
So this movie is just John cena with toilet paper lookin stuff on him
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Pred dnevom
What are the top 5 kill count numbers?
Ramona's Reading Corner
Dam that movie is old
CSW YT Pred dnevom
The Invisible Man: "POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!" Everyone else: But why though?
dan glenzig
dan glenzig Pred dnevom
james is textbook CRINGE
anurag neelam
anurag neelam Pred dnevom
Am I the only one waiting for a hollow man review?
Pc head Games
Pc head Games Pred dnevom
Among us: see something say something
DIY Sneaker Maestro
Just a few chemicals mixed together that’s all 😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Graham
Jonathan Graham Pred dnevom
anyone else replay when James said monocane
Egr0LL Pred dnevom
They had movies in 1933???
I GoLD GinGY090 I
I GoLD GinGY090 I Pred dnevom
@Mr. Ashtastic yeah but those movies weren't even actual movies in 1900
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Pred dnevom
They had movies before 1900
Foxkid 79
Foxkid 79 Pred dnevom
I just realized, if he takes off the clothing he wears, he's actually walking around naked
Johncraze 30
Johncraze 30 Pred dnevom
Wait, how come John Cena wasn’t here? Ahhhh, he is but I can’t see him
I GoLD GinGY090 I
I GoLD GinGY090 I Pred dnevom
John cena wasn't even born
Twisted Kitten33
Twisted Kitten33 Pred dnevom
titanic kill count?!
NorthSide ScArEcRoW
Shoulda ben invisible
Rock and roll McDonald's
I love this movie
Lone Phantom021
Lone Phantom021 Pred dnevom
I seen this at school in 4th grade
Let'sGetGlam !
Let'sGetGlam ! Pred 2 dnevi
Please do hollow man with Kevin bacon. Love that movie. Also will you do darkness falls?
Charles Borkowski
Charles Borkowski Pred 2 dnevi
if this vid gets 10,000 likes, can you do a Dracula 1931 kill count?
Lorenzo Limonez
Lorenzo Limonez Pred 2 dnevi
me releasing an old movie is better then the leprechaun series
GoopXIV Pred 2 dnevi
Nice hair bro
Fistofthe1st Ben
Fistofthe1st Ben Pred 2 dnevi
I like to think that all 20 members of the search party killed just kept getting thrown off the cliff one at a time, like Griffin was Ezio hanging off a ledge.
Agpad Pangusban
Agpad Pangusban Pred 2 dnevi
The scene at 16:16 was just awesome
Lasagna in the house
OMG havent watched this channel since 500,000 subs and wow I am so happy to see you so successful
Sokka Funny
Sokka Funny Pred 2 dnevi
James Children: daddy what are the before times
Daniel Whiting
Daniel Whiting Pred 2 dnevi
I love it’s a wonderful life
Skledamon Pred 2 dnevi
Do king Kong!
TheLegoPotterFan Pred 2 dnevi
These effects were really ahead of it's time.
Donald Duck Has Covid
I miss surprised chipmunk
Levon Taylor, Jr.
Levon Taylor, Jr. Pred 2 dnevi
my dad has a movie?
Michael Pimenta
Michael Pimenta Pred 2 dnevi
14:18 btw best part of the movie
Charlotte Rice
Charlotte Rice Pred 2 dnevi
K PlayBoiGax
K PlayBoiGax Pred 2 dnevi
I didnt expect an invisible man to cause this much damage but holy hell he can rack up a murder rate 0_0
Bobo Speelt
Bobo Speelt Pred 2 dnevi
I dare u to make one about the season 3 from the walking dead😂😂😂
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